Elon Musk is creating a new device that provides internet connection anywhere in the world.

SpaceX is expanding the capabilities of its global connectivity service, Starlink, by launching a new portable solution designed for individual users.

Previously accessible for boats, aircraft, and isolated communities in over 75 countries, the Starlink system is now making its debut in the personal travel equipment sector. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, believes this innovation will have a revolutionary impact worldwide, reports Economedia.ro.

The new device, called Starlink Mini, stands out for its small size, comparable to a laptop, and the integration of the Wi-Fi router into the antenna structure. Despite its low energy consumption, the terminal is capable of delivering transfer speeds exceeding 100 Mbps.

Musk emphasized the speed of the installation process, which takes no more than five minutes, stating, “This product will change the world.”

Weighing only 1.1 kilograms without accessories, the Starlink Mini boasts increased resistance to environmental factors such as dust, rain, and even temporary submersion in water.

In the United States, the Starlink Mini package is marketed at a price of $599, with an additional monthly subscription fee. The company justifies higher prices in certain regions due to increased pressure on satellite infrastructure in areas with intensive internet use. In contrast, in South America, the same equipment is available for $200.

SpaceX expresses its intention to reduce the cost of the Starlink service, focusing on regions where connectivity has been previously inaccessible or non-existent.


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